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admin 11-03-2008 2:44 pm

About new membership registration
Please be informed that the new member registration function in our ue-global forum has been temporarily turned off.

Our reason: a huge number of spammers had registered and posted on the forums various improper information which we have had to constantly clean up and stay on guard. To date, we had banned nearly 400 spammers.

So if you wish to register as a new member, please kindly follow the steps below:

- Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of each forum page.

- Please fill in your name and email address, afterwards, let us know the following:
  • Account name chosen, (username - which will appear beside your posting).
  • Your country where you are living.
  • Lauguage you want to use in the Forum (English, Vietnamese, French, Russian and Spanish)
  • Lastly, It is very important to choose the option "New membership registration" on the Subject box.
- After we receive your email, we will create an account and send the following information to your email address: ACCOUNT NAME and PASSWORD, along with a link to where you can change your password as you wish.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

istvan 12-03-2008 3:55 am

Dear Admin,

Maybe you should consider adding level certificate copies to the registration, so that we know we all are members of UE.

tumel 12-03-2008 9:32 am

Dear istvan,

Your idea is good to prevent spammers. However, it is very complicated for newcomers, especially for Vietnamese UE students, who may find difficulties to scan their certificates and upload them in this site. Moreover, it may prevent non-UE students from registering to this forum (it should open for every one except for spammers).


Farkhad Fatkullin 16-03-2008 11:01 pm

Dear friends,

As any open forum, www.ue-global.com was receiving SPAM. To overcome this, administrator made forum registration more difficult (requiring a scanned image of the UE certificate). Others agree, but warn us - making it impossible for those few who challenge our beliefs to continue this will also create a significant barrier for many more of those, who simply do not have the possibilities (knowledge/understanding/equipment/skills etc.) necessary to make those steps that might seem simple to those, who are more technologically savvy.

My comment would be:
Maybe instead of requiring a scanned certificate, we could establish a system of referrals/recommendations? Those willing to join can fill in the same questionnaire & send it to somebody who is already a member, who can then "recommend" (forward) the request to the administrator?

The conflict we are dealing with here is of great importance for the school UE in general, and if we want LONG HUA to take place, we really need to resolve it in a way which will be acceptable to all. A similar debate took place with Online Seminar Auditing:

They are organized for all qualifying auditors to be able to update their knowledge (study, as Master Dang used to say). Internet auditing comes in very handy because Higher Beings need our cooperation in many areas at different times, so we should try to find a way to contribute where we are needed, whilst continuing on learning from our colleagues. However, if we are to spread/share this opportunity with growing number of auditors, who could benefit from this, we need to find a way so as to be able to trust students not to audit seminars of the level they didn't attend personally with an instructor.

There is a reason to suspect that some “young souls” still can try to abuse our trust, and might experience some discomfort for a while. Naturally, being the ones who started Online Auditing Program, we are responsible for this to be beneficial. Previously, we had a limited number of connections with some head-centers, instructors and few other “trustworthy” auditors, whom we know personally. The successes that we had encourages us to expand our efforts, so we will need to start trusting those whom we previously let in (headcenters, instructors and few other "trustworthy" auditors) to do the right thing & share auditing connection information with "qualifying" auditors only - making sure that NO "unqualifying" one listens (as s/he might get confused and have some problems). Are we all comfortable with that? Would you give some suggestions? We should not go forward until we are on the same page.

Both those who might see new ideas are challenging/abusing their beliefs, and those, who feel that over-protectiveness is challenging/abusing their beliefs need to talk and come to agree on something. If we want our community to grow, we need to keep it easy for people to join.
If we want others to RESPECT our space and what we do, we need to make a simple statement which will make people understand why what we do serves makes their world a better place.

Back to SPAM issue at www.ue-global.com:
One possible solution I can propose would be to add "Undesirable?" button by the side of a THANK YOU button. We should also invite all forum members to use it signal to signal forum administrators (who have a right to delete messages) ASAP when they see something that doesn’t feel right. Personally, as one of the forum administrators, I had no problem with checking it periodically and deleting SPAM messages.

I would like to outline a different and (to my opinion) a more important issue that we face:
We do not have enough UE students sharing their UE-related experience with their colleagues in other cities and countries. It's not letters or posting quotes or periodic attending some seminars that make the difference, but humans that serve as role-models in everything that we do. And I do not see how we can attract more people to start sharing unless we lead the path and show an example ourselves. Does this sound way out of place?


admin 17-03-2008 11:14 am

Dear Farkhad,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have to clarify this one misunderstanding though: It was Istvan’s idea, not mine, to require a UE certificate scanned image. For the same reasons that Tumel had stated above: the forum serves all spiritual participants (including non-UE members), and also the certificate requirement would make registration difficult for many UE students, so as admin, I DO NOT (and will not) require it :). All we ask is for the person to email us with just their name, email address, country and language, then admin will activate the account and send back the confirmation. So far, there has been NO registration request from spammers :) and even if there were, I would be able to recognize them and take appropriate actions. This is much easier for me then the way we did before.

Note: People need to use the “contact us” function because only through it, as admin, I am able to trace the connection to eliminate potential spammers. The reason I don’t post our email addresses is because spammers can harvest them through the Google search engine.

About your suggestion of an “Undesirable” button: there is already a round, red button "!" at the left-bottom of any posting (except for your own posting). When you put the mouse over it, the line "Report Bad Post” will appear. And of course, this button appears only for members who have already logged in. When anyone clicks on that button, the system will automatically send emails, with the link to that particular posting, to all Admins and Moderators.


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