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huesa shambala in Thailand
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Shambhala is a term which refers to a mythical sacred place hidden in Tibet, a place in which people live in peace, tranquility, happiness and enlightenment. Many organizations and individuals have put a great deal of effort to visit the remote and mysterious Tibet to study and discover the so-called "Shambhala", but up to now these attempts have proved unsuccessful. Therefore Shambhala seems to be still a myth that only exists in our minds.

However, we have been building a place that we call "HUESA Shambhala" – a heaven in our own way, a place for all UE students. At HUESA Shambhala, we contemplate to find ourselves. We learn to harmonize ourselves with our mother Earth, to get back to nature to know how to love ourselves, to treasure this miraculous life and to protect our planet.

At HUESA Shambhala, we learn to observe this sacred life with sunlight, earth, water, wind, fire, all the plants and animals. We learn how to love all living creatures around us and witness the sacred and miraculous changing of them which we might have missed in our busy normal lifestyle.

At HUESA Shambhala, we learn to live together, work together, and meditate together in harmony, love and compassion for us to realize that we are children of a bigger family.

When we harmonize ourselves with nature and the people around us, in the miracles of meditation, we find peace inside each one of us. Gradually, we know how to change our thinking, our words and behaviour. At that moment, we become the happiest person with no desire of power, ego and material possessions. We no longer wallow in lust and sensual pleasures. We know how to love, treasure and protect our mother Earth instead of exploiting and destroying sacred lives. Only in that manner we can help ourselves, our beloved ones and those around us.

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