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Absolute freedom by Master Luong Minh Dang
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Default Absolute freedom by Master Luong Minh Dang
Close to a year ago i chose as my mission to show my freedom by expressing it, this text was inspiration to do that.

It is a text from the Master on Absolute freedom. I translated it from a Dutch text so there will be some loss of info.

Absolute freedom by Master Luong Minh Dang

For the future I want you all know to know how to use the right to absolute freedom, to open your spirit and develop your love to help other people. You can use you right to freedom in every situation. Whenever you decide to do something, remember your right to freedom, this way ignoring everything that exercises pressure on you. However, you must excersise you responsibilities with your right to freedom, because if you use this right to freedom but forget your responsibilities, then you have misunderstood.
Everyone should use this right to freedom. As soon as you have this freedom, you will have a clear vision on your decisions to help others. If you are obstructed, then look in the pyramid or pray for help by thinking with your chakra 6 of my chakra 6, what is a manner how I can send energy to you you, to help you in that moment.

YOUR FREEDOM IN A TRUE OR UNTRUE SITUATION: If you spirit is calm, you will know to what is true. Forgive if it is untrue. Do not become angry when you become mislead. Explain you help this person to correct his/her errors.

Help to unite: the physical body - the soul - the universal energy. Support and help the spiritual learning processes and development of others. Help to solve the problems on this earth and beyond.

Do not change your decision
Do not attach to culture, habit, books or religion
Do not worry, be confused or fearful.
Do not be obsessed by celebrity, ambition and love.
Calm and content as an abundant tree which is satisfied fed by absolute freedom. When your realize we come to earth to serve humanity and not for our personal pleasure, then we will encounter absolutely no obstacle. If we aim unanimously to God with the aim of helping the others, then we will succeed always. If you are yourself aware of this, then you shall gradually retrieve your freedom. If for example, you can accept every situation, then you shall continue on the correct path; even if you encounter large problems you shall experience no obstruction.
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