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Also i was asked to send UE to a few and they post there is an effect! However as far i know NONE of them went to get the chakra's opened!
Dear Darza,
Dear colleagues and friends,
I was not very surprised with what Darza said regarding his/her experience.
If Master Dang once said that "Our freedom is to let others be free", it's Ok...

I wonder if you could share what your experience hints you think about the refusal of others - is it more of

a) unwillingness to change our life by making an effort to go and learn something new

b) need of time to get used to the new concept and accept it within ourselves or

c) a sign showing that we are getting closer to the time when, as Master Dang said, "you won't need to teach and activate Chakras anymore".

from Russia with love,
Our freedom is to let others be free Master Dang
Наша свобода в том, чтобы давать свободу другим Мастер Данг

Сказка - ложь, да в ней намек... Anything expressed is but a hint...
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