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Hi Farhad,

When i started UE in 2000 within 30 minutes after the 100% opening, driving home, i knew "this is BIG!!". I went into missionary mode and persuaded a few to meet the Master, just by my enthusiasm. They abandoned UE shortly after. I accepted being a missionary is not effective.

Now i just go with the flow and wait for others to ask me questions. I show my health, my freedom, my inner-peace, my energy. When asked how i got like this then i tell about UE. Until now only 1 person actually went to open his chakra's.

Like somtimes i give a transfer and the other says it helped, there was a positive effect. When this person has another health problem some time after, they never call me. They seem to have forgotten it helped earlier.

I know it has to do with destiny and i have to accept. However i still cannot do that completely, i still have impatience. I am intriguided about the mechanism of denial. What to me is obvious others do not see. Somehow humans seem capable of NOT seeing that which does not compute with their concepted reality. If it does not fit it is not there it seems. The power of projection.

How to get them beyond denial? Open the chakra's and clean the mind. But how to get others to do that? Beyond live by example?

I am also interested about denial as to my own. How much do i have of that? What am i denying? How can i know what i deny? I long to know all about me.
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