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Dear Farkhad,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have to clarify this one misunderstanding though: It was Istvan’s idea, not mine, to require a UE certificate scanned image. For the same reasons that Tumel had stated above: the forum serves all spiritual participants (including non-UE members), and also the certificate requirement would make registration difficult for many UE students, so as admin, I DO NOT (and will not) require it . All we ask is for the person to email us with just their name, email address, country and language, then admin will activate the account and send back the confirmation. So far, there has been NO registration request from spammers and even if there were, I would be able to recognize them and take appropriate actions. This is much easier for me then the way we did before.

Note: People need to use the “contact us” function because only through it, as admin, I am able to trace the connection to eliminate potential spammers. The reason I don’t post our email addresses is because spammers can harvest them through the Google search engine.

About your suggestion of an “Undesirable” button: there is already a round, red button "!" at the left-bottom of any posting (except for your own posting). When you put the mouse over it, the line "Report Bad Post” will appear. And of course, this button appears only for members who have already logged in. When anyone clicks on that button, the system will automatically send emails, with the link to that particular posting, to all Admins and Moderators.

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