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In ceremony to memorize the 3th BIRTHDAY OF HUMAN UNIVERSAL ENERGY [MEL]:
July 28,2007 ---July 28,2010]
We will meet together for exchanging relations,sharing and showing gratitude to MASTER LUONG MINH DANG'S WORDS "All of you should memorize the day 28th of July for GREAT FAMILY BIRTHDAY,The BIRTHDAY OF WISDOM PEOPLE, The BIRTHDAY OF ENLIGTENMENT PEOPLE"
On behaf of Association of Human Universal Energy Luong Minh Dang,we would like to invite all Representatives [old members]of LONGHOA MEETING [ last meeting on Jan.1 2010] and all of you in MEL members to come to HANOI Vietnam for anticipating the conference on July 28,2010 with the subject: "LONGHOA MEETNG Human universal Energy [MEL] and world wide matters."
For the details please contact Organization Board:
1. Tran Thai Hoa :0983509968 - Email:
2. Nguyen Huu Hiep :0912447867
3. Nguyen Van Ruc ;0978128545
4. Truong Myk Quang:0013148006212 or 0013146014165 in USA :English
5. Nguyen Chi Hieu :01696713510
6. Pham Thi Huong :0973086069 :English

Thank you for your Cooperation...
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