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Annoucement of Organization Board for “LONG HOA CONFERENCE II”
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Default Annoucement of Organization Board for “LONG HOA CONFERENCE II”
On behaf of Association of Human Universal Energy Luong Minh Dang. We thank all of you: Representatives, MEL members who sent LOVE ENERGY to “LONG HOA CONFERENCE II” in Ha Noi Viet Nam. We are showing gratitute to GOD Master LMD’s seoul and high beings. We are brightly successfull in conference about Universal Energy and World’s matters on the day 28th of July, 2010,for whole circle of wisdom and Enlightenment. We wish whole human kinds will be happy, wisdom and Enlightenment, we all put hearts together in ONE as The Pray Words for all Nations, in order to become LONG HOA MEETING ‘S REPRESENTATIVES, the sixth people in the sixth continent, the Continent of wisdom and Enlightenment people.
HA NOI THANG LONG HOA, the day of wisdom and enlightenment July 28th, 2010.
Association of UE application LUONG MINH DANG
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