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The Meeting Day Of Wisdom And Enlightenment People " LONG HOA MEETING ".
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Default The Meeting Day Of Wisdom And Enlightenment People " LONG HOA MEETING ".
On the first day of January 2010, the beginning of new year and new second decade of century 21, We would like to invite all of you : human universal energy practitioners or mankind enlightenment love students from Master Dang to meditate and pray together the pray words for all nations : put all hearts together in order they will become One; and pray for all the people in the world living in peaceful and prosperous life,at 6:00 am, 12:00 noon and 17:00 pm Vietnamese time on January 1 , 2010.

Follow the message from Master Dang' s Soul, we prepare the new working plan for new decade and also follow some old secret messages from his soul on the wisdom and enlightenment path. The young human universal energy center informs to all practitioners from level 13 and higher to participate the meeting of wisdom people and the meeting of enlightenment people.The meeting will begin at 11:30 am until 15:00 pm on January. 1. 2010 , in Hanoi Vietnam.
The fee for meeting is : $ 60 USD.

For details please contact:

Vietnamese : Tran thi Hoa : 0983509968
Nguyen chi Hieu: 01696713510

English : Truong Myk Quang
In VN :841273422911 , 84943407047
In USA : 3146048823 , 314 2888959
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