Ðề tài: Mental poisons
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Old 12-01-2008, 4:14 pm  

Dear All,

Thanks for the very interesting discussion.

Passion, such a beautiful word, but do we really know what it means? Basically all words are neutral (zero) and such a neutral aspect only gets a meaning when we attach a meaning to it. If we think that passion leads to sorrow and fear, then it does.
If the Buddha talks of passion, does all passion lead to fear and sorrow??

To really grasp the meaning of words, listen and feel the sounds and their frequencies in your heart/soul.

I fully realize that I also use words to convey what I mean, you can’t see my face, don’t hear my voice and these also add to the meaning and intention I want to share.
Our souls come from the same Light and souls need no words. As we all chose to be on earth now, we only have to remember the Light we are.

Aren’t we all taught compassion (literally “means”: with passion).

Love, Light and Joy
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